Cron Plus Node : Bug or Limitation?

I want to run a flow every X seconds. The number X being read in a configuration file.
I plan using cron-plus, as when it comes to repeat a task every something, I think about cron-plus :slight_smile:

In the interface, to test, I have done this:

I appreciate that 1800 seconds is weird in a cron configuration like that.

However, I can see that the "Every" comment is correct but not the "Next event:" list.

It would be cleaner, I think to either raised a comment explaining that 1800 here is wrong, or effectively run the flow every 1800 seconds (so 30 minutes).

As the number of seconds between two executions is defined by the user, I would like it to be anything.... So not necessarily less that 60 sec. or a number of minutes.

This is unexpected behaviour due to unexpected (abnormal) input. If you want every 30 minutes generate a Cron syntax that used the minutes portion.

The node could (should?) error but is forgiving instead (like well behaved low-code nodes often are).