Current watson conversationV2 credentials

Theres no setup info on the watson plugins page and its very difficult to sort a working watson assistant node-red credential integration (for instance).

Best case: Can we get current watson credentials support in the watson nodes page --- There are numerous posts about how to enter credentials into watson --- and they are all out of date.The changes in the services create many legacy scenarios that are a rabbit hole.

Next best case : please provide a link to a working tutorial or walk through-- becasue updates have broken many public tutorials.

Please respond with most recent version of node-red - most recent version of node.js most recent version of watson services current version of Watson plugins Several have posted about this issue and get frustrated by asks for version use and so the thread intent in obstructed--- please Can someone provide the current most recent recommended configuration as a starting point. as of May 15 2020.

Hi @bryan-ninjamoba

The most recent version of Node-RED is 1.0.6. We recommend Node 10 or 12. Beyond that, we'd always recommend using the latest version of any contributed node.

What issue specifically and where have they been posted? I haven't seen anything about issues with the Watson nodes in this forum. Maybe there is an issue specific to the Watson nodes that @chughts is aware of from else where?

You mention Watson Assistant in particular - is it related to this:

The issue is actually related to the manual population of credentials into the watson plugins. - I think this is a legacy issue from when Bluemix wired Watson services directly into cloud foundry apps internally.

For the Watson Assistant plugin the nomenclature is particularly frustrating:
In particular the Service Endpoint must be addressed to the region the assistant is deployed (and not the Assistant URL as would be expected ) as well as the Name Username Password fields now not being used

  • the apikey from the Assistant API details page and the Workspace ID field of the plugin being the Assistant ID. (from the Assistant API details page)

These may seem trivial -- but Ive spent days reading posts trying to figure this out.
A few simple notes on watson plugins configuration would help a lot of people.

however As always Knolleary thanks for your tireless help - I couldn't complain about this without your amazing work and efforts.

This is a tricky one. The Assistant service is popular, and has been updated over the years from Dialog, to Conversation, to Assistant, to Assistant V2. Along side that journey the way in which authentication has been updated. We have tried to keep deprecated functionality working whilst there was a chance that the service still supported it. Once functionality from the service was removed, it was also removed from the Node-RED nodes. The most complex configurations were when the nodes were supporting a deprecated soon to be removed feature, along side its replacement.

Consequently, the associated Node-RED nodes have evolved over time. Currently there are two Assistant core nodes V1 and V2. Both require IAM Keys for authentication. Userids / Passwords are long gone. Nevertheless if you do bind the service into Node-RED on IBM Cloud then the credentials and endpoints will be picked up automatically.

As the service and using Node-RED to access them is so popular there are scores of tutorials that have been created by many groups. We have no control nor even visibility of them. Sadly, most when published don't get updated and become out of date when the service and nodes evolve.

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