Custom logo for button


I have a button setup in my flow and I would like to customize the icon.

My node red home dir is /home/foo/.node-red/images
My httpStatic in settings.js is set to httpStatic: '/home/foo/.node-red/',
The image is called light_logo.jpg

However when I enter this into the configuration as follows:


The logo shows up as a question mark:

Can anyone shed any light on what I'm doing wrong?

From the node's help

The Icon can be defined, as either a Material Design icon (e.g. 'check', 'close') or a Font Awesome icon (e.g. 'fa-fire') , or a Weather icon . You can use the full set of google material icons if you add 'mi-' to the icon name. e.g. 'mi-videogame_asset'.

You could use a ui-template and roll your own button.

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