Change Icon Image in a Switch or Button

Hi to all,
I have a question, can I change the button Icon with a mine personal icon?
I've already tried the fa-xxx icon and they works, but they are not what I need.

Maybe is there a code to put in a function node where I link my icon that is insert in a folder?
I have already read different similar post in the forum but I didn't find a real solution about that.

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my future goal is, if I'll find a solution about my question, to don't use my personalized icon inserted in a folder but find a mode to insert the icon using image in format BASE64 so I'll not need anymore folder in my PC full of svg image.

I think it is not possible, you can only use font awesome icons, and node-red ones.
I haven't needed anything like this, but if you want to do something like this i think ui-builder is your best friend...

From the node's help

The Icon can be defined, as either a Material Design icon (e.g. 'check', 'close') or a Font Awesome icon (e.g. 'fa-fire') , or a Weather icon. You can use the full set of google material icons if you add 'mi-' to the icon name. e.g. 'mi-videogame_asset'.

Also you can use a ui_template node to make a switch that shows whatever you like.

@LucaCarminati did you read this ?

Yes! Thanks man

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