Custom UI Node Not Appearing In Group In Dashboard SideTab

Good morning,

I have recently come up with two ui nodes that are both experiencing the same problem.
If you look at this picture, I have 19 linear-gauges in a group on the dashboard.

This picture shows none of the linear gauges showing up under the Tank Temperatures group.

I then added the ui_list node @nisiyama to see if it would produce the same result, and it did not.

Running a diff on my code and the ui_list code doesn't produce any blatant differences.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this?

Just sharing some debug info...
I placed a console.log(item) in ui_base.html to get the dashboard group object.

One difference between a custom node and a standard node is the is equal to
node-red-dashboard/widget-name but that may be due to the standard widgets being built into the dashboard.

The module value is also different, in a standard node. Its value is node-red-dashboard.

Kind of grasping at straws probably, but I have been pulling my hair out trying to find out what is causing this.

added: true
enabled: true
id: "node-red-contrib-ui-lineargauge/linear-gauge"
local: true
module: "node-red-contrib-ui-lineargauge"
name: "linear-gauge"
types: ["linear-gauge"]
version: "0.2.0"

Hi @seth350,

Could you try changing node type from linear-gauge to ui_linegar-gause.
It seems that Node-RED dashboard expect widget node type starts with ui_.


Certainly sir, I will try that. Thank you very much.

I changed all of the occurences, but now I have a missing type error.


Perhaps I need to delete the linear-gauge nodes I have in my flow and then add them back?

Yes. You need to replace linear-gauge (should be represented as unknown node now) by new ui_linear-gauge.

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Let it be known throughout the land, that @nisiyama is my hero.

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