Cut: ctrl-delete, Copy: ctrl-insert, Paste: shift-insert

Would be wonderful if Node Red supported the "IBM Common User Access" keys for cut, copy, and paste.

Cut: ctrl-delete, Copy: ctrl-insert, Paste: shift-insert

I have been using these keys for over 30 years, since about Windows 2.1. I always stumble if an application does not support them. If there is a second person like me, then this suggestion will help two people. Thanks!

you should be able to assign them using the menu - keyboard shortcuts.

Unfortunately not - insert isn't a key our keyboard handling knows about. Will see if we can fix that for 1.3.

Compared to X C V, I always found those shortcuts super awkward to remember (and awkward to finger considering I normally have right hand on the mouse and left hand poised over CTRL and X C V). Are you a southpaw?

The logic behind the X C V shortcuts also suited the way my brain is wired & helped me turn them into muscle memory...
ctrl+x (x looks like scissors for cutting)
ctrl+c (c is for copy)
ctrl+v (v for paste... umm, because its the next key along is guess :slight_smile: )

But I wonder, do some keyboards have X C V keys in a different location? :thinking:

Yes, there is the Dvorak keyboard layout - Wikipedia :grin:

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The V is like a wedge inserting something at that least that is the way I see it :smile:

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I am right handed, and have normal hands, but somehow a left pinky on ctrl and then pressing x,c, or v with the same hand has never worked for me. So I have to use two hands anyway. I have used the ctrl-delete, ctrl-insert, and shift-insert keys from the beginning. To me it is super natural and don't even notice that I let go of the mouse.

Also, I am not a big spreadsheet user, but using the keys used in conjunction with ctrl/shift - home, end, and the arrow keys, lets one through a spreadsheet copying and pasting.



Wow! I've not come across that for decades now :grin: I built a mainframe terminal version of CUA screens not long after the standards came out - that must be mid-late '80's.

The ones that Steve has listed have been a common standard for a couple of decades now.

Thanks. I am new to node red, had not though about custom shortcuts. By the way, node red is fantastic!

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