Dashboard 2 - ui-link node

Just been reading about the recently added ui-link node, and haven't a clue what it does :astonished:

Anyone any ideas of what this would be used for, and maybe a scenario?

As far as I can see it seems the same as the dashboard 1 version.
It displays an icon, which opens a link to the specified URL.

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I haven't used dashboard 1 for a number of years so no idea.

Any ideas?

Check the video on the github PR


It literally just navigates to the link, e.g. it could take you to the google search page or a Grafana dashboard etc.

Isn't it just url's relative to the node-RED base url?
It errors with full url's

I don't have dashboard 2 installed, but that's how it works in D1.
If you use the iframe option then some sites do not allow embedding, try with new tab.

In fact now my dashboard does not even load now, all I did was add https://www.bbc.co.uk/ to a ui-link, deployed which did not work, so I deleted the ui-link from the sidebar, deployed and voila - no dashboard...

15 May 19:23:48 - [info] Updated flows
15 May 19:23:48 - [info] Starting modified nodes
15 May 19:23:48 - [warn] [ui-base:Dashboard] Theme 'undefined' specified  in page '9a7620fff0058760' does not exist
15 May 19:23:48 - [info] Started modified nodes
15 May 19:24:24 - [info] [ui-base:Dashboard] Disconnected PV0lJbrXf4xw0x8oAAAm due to transport close
15 May 19:24:42 - [info] [ui-base:Dashboard] Disconnected qUC2nVfKQ_cVS64AAAAo due to transport close

EDIT - a search for 9a7620fff0058760 shows the ui-link page.

Over and out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@smcgann99 Cheers mate :laughing:

Found it, despite removing the link-ui correctly from the sidebar, it left it's config file behind.


Deleting it, and rebooting sorted it.

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I think that is worthy of an issue submission.

I've repeated the process a further twice, and it does not appear repeatable.
So no idea what went wrong...
The ui-link does load external url's OK (but of course it navigates away from node-RED in doing so).

What did you put in the url? It didn't work for me, it appended it to the dashboard url.

OK, I worked it out. If you put a full url such as https://www.google.com then it works.

@joepavitt - Apart from the video link kindly re-posted by @arturv2000 for the Worldmap example, I'm not seeing anything useful for this addition, and no other user has any suggestions either.
What am I missing?
Are there any usage examples, to justify this being a useful core addition?

It shouldn't... what URL did you try?

Please do remember that the Discourse forum represent a small portion of Node-RED users. I'd had multiple people ask me for this over the past 12 months or so. It was also a core node in Dashboard 1.0 too, so helps with our mission of feature parity there.

Please do raise any issues around bugs you find with it.

An example from a user perspective is linking off to older Dashboars 1.0's to assist with migration, where D1.0 can have link nodes back again.

From a commercial perspective, it provides links to documentation, support or other tools that relate to the Dashboard-at-hand

As I said above...

I've raised an issue with more information - ui-link - theme undefined · Issue #868 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub