URL in Text-ui node

Hey guys,
I'm stuck. I want a link in the text-ui node like in the screenshot. But since DB1 & DB2 are a bit different, I don't know how to do it.

Does anyone have an idea how to do it?

Thanks in advance

This currently isn’t supported in D2.0, although, if you don't mind opening an issue on the GitHub repository, we can look at implementing it :grinning:

Widget: Text Link · Issue #50 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub is the closest issue we have to this already, which asked for a standalone ui-text-link widget. But I think it would make sense to merge it into the existing ui-text.

Okay, that was a fun 30 minutes, I've opened a PR, so we'll support it (and more) when UI Text - Support HTML injection by joepavitt · Pull Request #1046 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub is approved/merged by one of my colleagues.


Sry my English is not the best unfortunately.
So this will supported in the near future?

Yes, probably by the end of the week.


That's fast xD