Dashboard Issue with node-red-dashboard: ui_text

This is a ui_text of node-red-dashboard.
Before, everything has operated correctly. But currently, I'm facing the problems as image, please help me to identify the root cause and fix it.

Hello @cancacao.

You don't say what the problem is so I will assume it's the ) characters rather than misalignment, lack of units or something else.

  1. What data is being sent to your ui_text nodes? A debug node will help you discover this.
  2. How does the large red text get to be that size and colour? What font is it supposed to be? Your browser developer tools will help here.
  3. What is different about the Node-red device and it's environment between "before" and "currently"?
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Thank you for your reply sir,

Data is being sent to ui_text is weigh1->weigh4. As you see, value is zero but ui_text is displaying )0 00 00.

Below is current flow

inject (interval 1 minute) -> TCP node -> function read data -> function Read weigh value -> ui_text to display

This is code of "read" function"
return msg;

This is code of "Read WB1 v2":
var weight1=flow.get('weigh1') ||0;
if (msg.topic=="read"){
var val=parseInt(msg.payload.substring(5,10));
if (!isNaN(val)) {
return msg;

This is value format of ui_text: {{msg.payload}}

The system has been running smoothly for almost a year, but recently it has encountered some issues.
In 1 minute cycle, ui_text displays 0 for 40 seconds, and 20 seconds for )0 00 00

value format of ui_text

What does a debug node after "IND1" show?
What does a debug node after "Read WB1 v2" show?
Are these debug nodes triggered exactly once per minute or more often?

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Change "weigh1->weigh4" to "weigh1->weigh4"

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Umm what does that mean Steve?

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I just turned on a debug again after "Read WB1 v2". The msg.payload is always a number (as expected). I have redeployed and it seems to be functioning normally again.
I will monitor it further and update information in this post. Thank you very much, sirs.

> is a reserved characters & must be encoded before it can be displayed as text inside a html element.

Using triple {{{ }}} might do the same (not sure if the value format supports triple curlies but do know that > will definitely will work

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this is configuration of a ui_text. I'm using {{ }}.
input data/msg.payload is Number (0-99999)

I suspect we are differently interpreting @cancacao's statement

Data is being sent to ui_text is weigh1->weigh4

.I read it as "There are 4 text nodes, displaying weigh1, weigh2, weigh3 or weigh4 respectively"

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I want to explain in details
"weigh1->weigh4" means 4 variables weigh1, weigh2, weigh3, weigh4 for 4 ui_text nodes,
weigh1, weigh2, weigh3, weigh4 is storing in global context

msg.payload = global.get("weigh1") -> value will be displayed in ui_text "WB1"

Looks that way.

I read it literally "Data is being sent to ui_text is weigh1->weigh4" :man_shrugging: