Dashboard 2 - ui-template widget receives no further messages after network connection fail and recovery

Can anyone replicate the issue I am seeing with Dashboard 2 ui-template widgets and temporary network failure? I have submitted an issue but I don't know whether this is specific to my template or a general problem. The issue is that if the network connection between the browser and the server fails and then recovers then the widget no longer receives messages from the server.
If you have a ui-template widget that takes input from received messages then to see if you have the issue, view the dashboard on a different machine to that running node-red. Open the developer console on the dashboard window and disconnect the network so it can no longer communicate with the server. Wait about 10 seconds for connection errors to appear in the console, then reconnect the network. Wait for the re-initialisation messages to appear in the console (only a few seconds) then see whether the widget still responds to messages from the server.

I think I see same with leaving dashboard open, and restarting node red. Socket connects and all widgets get initialized - so like for gauges - they still stand on position where connection lost, those values are cleared to defaults. Seems it misses the replayMessage on connect and then everything stands still. Even that dev tools show incoming messages from new socket connection.

And ui_gauge gets updatetes after reconnection. So it's seems ui_template related issue.

Yes, now that you point it out, I see that too. I have just noticed that it is not necessary to do a refresh, switching dashboard pages is enough to recover the situation.

@Colin Could we please use the tag dashboard-2 for dashboard 2 related posts, instead of node-red-dashboard-2

We have used the dashboard-2 tag since DB2 development first started, and many of us are subscribed to become aware when new posts are made through that tag.
Also it makes filtering tags much easier when a consistent tag is used.

There are currently over 90 dashboard 2 related posts already tagged dashboard-2 (which includes some recent ones which I have re-tagged)

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Sorry about that, I don't know how it happened, I started typing and that came up as a suggestion, so where it came from I don't know. I have changed it.

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