Dashboard admin page

Hi! i want to make a UI with admin functions( add sensor, delete sensor, set sensor meta data rules) and having a page for view of data. does the node-red dashboard have limitiations for interacting with the nodes and variables in any regard ?

With node-red-dashboard:
if you have created your system in the way that adding a sensor goes by for example "add another complex object", then yes, you can create such UI using the dashboard, but if you'll need then display the sensor data somehow (some gauge or text or something) or to have some buttons in dashboard to have control over that just added thing, then no, such things are not possible. May be dynamic tables can show newly added data, but not much more.

With ui_builder I'd guess you'll probably have more freedom on this topic but even then overall the logical buildup should be done in the way to support such dynamics. (never tried with ui_builder and will talk no more.)

Anyway it requires good planning. I tried couple of times and it didn't turn out too well so I went back to more traditional way, copy some nodes, change some parameters and add some visuals. Not much effort to get another device up and running.


so to be certain of functionality, make it in Vue ?

With uibuilder the choice of used library is free. And definitely, if freedom is given, the sky is the limit. But as I said, I'm not tried it with uibuilder so can't give any strong advises here.

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