Dashboard - Auto-Adapt Group

I'm creating a dashboard for some machines. All machines provide the same information. the dashboard should contain a box of information which is the same for all machines.
I could just copy my flow and change the "Group" in which I want to display the data according to the several machine. But it would be much smarter, if the group is auto-created depending on an attribute.
Can anybody gibe me a hint?
Best regards, Jochen

No. The dashboard needs to know all the groups in prior to create the layout. That's the nature of the dashboard and it will not change. If you'll need dynamically create any content, you can make one big group with ui_template in it and int that you can create what ever you like. But even that is limited cos the overall size of that element is fixed.
If you need dynamic site, the ui-builder is best option. Otherwise, you'll just have to respect the dashboard limitations (so to say).

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An alternative would be to have only one group, but use a dropdown select box to tell it which machine's data to display. The select box contents could be automatically populated if you have some way of knowing what instruments are available.

This would be quite easy if you use MQTT with a defined topic structure where all the instruments pass the same topics except for a machine ID at a higher level in the topic. Then to display an instruments data it is merely necessary to route all topics under the ID to the dashboard. SImilarly if there is machine control involved then routing the command to the machine would be done the same way.

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