Auto-generate dashboard groups?

I have a generic dashboard group to display values:
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I need to generate n groups dynamically, from the flow. I understand it cannot be done with standard dashboard rules, but maybe with an ui_template?

How about displaying the data in a table ?

You could use a template to hold several "groups" of things you create eg using ng-repeat - but they won't be a ui-group (well the ui-template will be in a ui-group - but only the one.)

Yes, it could be an option, as the last chance, the problem is that the table will be just a loooong 6-units group, while several distinct groups will be placed dynamically on the screen.

Are you actually using the features of Dashboard or are you up for writing a little front-end code?

I already have 12 Dashboard tabs, full of groups, so I can’t move to ui-builder just for this one. Anyway I am certainly available to write a little front-end code, if needed.

At the end, I opted for a table. Thanks

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PS it’s MQTT

I adapted @Christian-Me remote device table to do something similar -

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