How to dynamically create a group and tables on node-red?

Hello everyone,

I have a project to connect my arduino to my node-red server on rpi. I have done it but I want to create automatically the groups and tables that correspond to my arduino. Do you have any solutions for my problem?

I'm using node-red version : 1.0.3
and Node.js : 10.15.2

thx PaulLEBG

That is not easily possible with the default dashboard and nodes. People have created dynamic tables either using the ui_template node or the add-on ui_table node - but not groups. If you want to do groups then you will need to create your own dashboard using something like the uibuilder nodes that let you use any html framework you are familiar with.

Thx for your answer.
I will watch how to use their nodes.


Paul, I created a project awhile back that scanned my network to fine any device running ESPEasy or Tasmota. It gets info from them and displayed all the known devices in a dynamically built table. This might give you a start to create what you want. See 'ET Display Home' a flow to help manage your ESPeasy, Sonoff/Tasmota and Homie flashed devices (now on GitHub) - #91 by zenofmud

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