Dynamically generate dashboard tabs

Hello there!

Is it possible to create dashboard tabs dynamically based on the response from a REST API call? For example I want to do a REST API call and get a JSON result where the data has different groups (Group 1, Group 2 and so on...). For each group I want to create a dashboard tab. Is this possible? I also want to make a starting page where each group is listed. When you click on a button you get redirected to the corresponding tab.

In addition, I want to make a status bar on the side of each tab which shows the overall status of the system. This status bar should be reused by each dashboard tab. I never found a way to reuse dashboard groups.

Happy to hear your suggestions!

It may be possible but you are really pushing Dashboard beyond its intended use as a simple UI tool.

Consider using something designed for such a job such as uibuilder.


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