Is there general sense tabs in Dashboard

In node red dashboard, "tabs" refers to basically different web pages accessed within the 3 stripe hamburger menu

In general sense UI (for lack of more accurate wording), tabs refers to tabular interfaces that's often used in settings, random example below

Is there any pallet nodes does that, or contrib nodes?

I tried to search around but all result was about node red sense of tabs (menu pages)

Not really, Dashboard tabs are merely show/hide different DOM nodes since Dashboard is built around Angular v1 which is a single-page app library.

Sorry, not really sure what you are asking here. There are a number of Dashboard contrib nodes but I don't know of any that deal with tabs since Dashboard already has tabs.

It looks like @rxunique is asking for an entity that appears like a frame which has tabs on it and when you select the tabs on top it renders whatever you apply in the "tabbed" area. Per the example... and not related links to other "pages", but that entity rendered on a page.
I'm guessing here, but you probablly need to build your own HTML template for the box frame content and show buttons at the top which you'd select as "tabs" in order to control content.

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Of if you really want a custom UI, try out uibuilder instead. There are examples with VueJS v2 and bootstrap-vue and bv itself has a fairly easy to use tab component.

Thanks, there was another dead end I ran into with Dashboard, but uibuilder + vue could be the answer, gotta dig into it now

Don't forget that you can use any front-end framework you like with uibuilder. I chose Vue v2 and bootstrap-vue for people with limited front-end coding experience. These days, there is a lot of choice so pick one you are comfortable with.

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