Dashboard Browser Tab Title - Set from a variable

I'd like to use a variable to set the Browser's Title in it's tab. I know you can manually set it in dashboard settings, but that is not desired as I have numerous instances running (100+) at different locations.

Thank you in advance, for your reply!

You can probably use an environment variable eg ${title}. And set it outside of Node-RED

Not quite sure how that is implemented. I just want the browser tab to show the hostname instead of "Node-RED Dashboard" and I need to do it programmatically, not from the NR Theme setting.

Thank you for the response. Just a hand edit to the settings.js file works well enough for my use.

That's good news. So what change do you make in settings.js?

In settings.js, prior to the "module.exports = {" line, I added:

hostPart1 = "Host: ";
hostPart2 = require('os').hostname();
hostname = hostPart1 + hostPart2;
process.env.HOST_TITLE = hostname;

Then in Node-Red Dashboard "Site" tab, I just set it to: ${HOST_TITLE}.

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I also find it useful to change the page heading on the editor by setting process.env.DEVICE and adding this immediately below editorTheme: {

header: {
title: process.env.DEVICE

I wish the editor and dashboard would default to showing the name of the flows file on the header!

Nice! But, now you got me going down another rabbit hole. I also added:

page: {
    title: process.env.DEVICE

So now I get the device name in the browser tab. But, it also adds the suffix of ": IP address" . Wondering how I can drop/change the suffix. Any ideas?


Don't know, sorry. This is what I currently have. I like to see the IP address.

Yeah, I gave up. I don't spend too much time in the editor anyway. I use the editor on one host and then copy the flow files to all of the other clients once testing is complete.

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