How to set the UI page title dynamically


I have a basic/generic flow that I load on every new NodeRed install.

I'd like to add functionality that will change the title of the UI from a node.
I have a node that pulls the R-Pi system name, so it would be really convenient to have that also dynamically set the NR UI name.

I know this is set manually in the editor or config file, but if I can set it programmatically, it's one less thing to touch (or forget to touch) when I'm rolling out a new project.

I want to set this from a node:

So that I can have this automatically programming on deployment/reboot:

The flow I'd like to have set it:


Like many fields in Node-RED you should be able to set it with an external environment variable Eg on my Mac I need to do.

export MYHOST=$(hostname)

then in that site title field I can put

Great, thanks. I'll try it tomorrow.

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