Dashboard change screen with timer

I have dashboard running on a touch screen. The touch part went bad, is there a way to use a timer to change the active screen?

Do you mean to cycle through a number of dashboard tabs, for example show a different tab every minute?
If so, take a look at the ui-control node in the node-red-dashboard.
If it's not what you mean, please provide more information.

From the help text in side panel for ui-control node.

The default function is to change the currently displayed tab. msg.payload should either be an object of the form {"tab":"my_tab_name"} , or just be the tab name or numeric index (from 0) of the tab or link to be displayed.


here is a crude example that generates a random page cycle, With a little tweaking I sure you could make it cycle, and select which tabs you want.

Also I think string “+1” will move to next tab and “-1” for previous and should loopok as well

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