Rotate the dashboard


I want to show specific dashboards on a rotating screen every 3 seconds.

For example, I want to show the camera dashboard and show the sensor dashboard after 3 seconds. I want to repeat this.
How should it be configured?


Take a look at the ui-control node. By passing it {"tab":1} (as a JSON object) it will switch to that tab.

Then all you need do is change the number (starting with 0) to go to another tab. You could do that a number of ways:

  1. use three inject nodes set to fire every 9 seconds with the first to fire at deploy, the second to fire after 3 seconds and the third to fire after 6 seconds.
  2. you could have a function in a loop sending the msgs out
  3. you could a cron node to send the msgs out.

And I'm sure others will offer other solutions.

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great it works.well!!

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