Dashboard crashing - EMFILE error


When I activate a loop (30 process of about 500 ms), that simulate a CAN network, I get the following error and my dashboard become inactive (connection lost):

27 Feb 12:38:06 - [info] [exec:40bcec03.751834] error:Error: spawn /bin/sh EMFILE
27 Feb 12:38:06 - [info] [exec:40bcec03.751834] error:Error: spawn /bin/sh EMFILE
27 Feb 12:38:15 - [info] [exec:40bcec03.751834] error:Error: spawn /bin/sh EMFILE

For information, I am subscribing to an MQTT broker.
Previously, I didn't have this behaviour but as I added more flows, the EMFILE error occured.

Research lead me to it being a node.js related issue about having "too many open file".
However when I ran:

lsof -i -n -P | grep node

I only find 4 to 5 process, well bellow the limit 1024

ulimit -a | grep files
open files                      (-n) 1024

What in my usage of node-red may lead to its issue?
How could I fix the issue?

What is the command in the exec node?

I don't know what exec node is a tthe origin of the error.
I got the id that is alocated to the node in the log. Yet I don't know how to find which node it refer to.

Have you got a lot of them in subflows?
If you put a debug node in parallel with each one logging something to the console then you may be able to work out out from looking in the log.

in the editor you should be able to use ctrl or cmd - f to search - in your case for the node id - 40bcec03.751834

I think I have got my threads crossed, I thought that had already failed due to it being in a subflow. I think that was a different thread though.

I could find the node causing the error. However the node in question work previously, it is the fact that I add more flow/node (all unrelated), which causes an error.

The error seems to be coming from my environment limitation. (an ubuntu VM in virtualBox)
I try the same project on a linux desktop (ubuntu too), and did not encounter any issue.

Somehow this issue is related to computer power. :sob:

What does the exec node do?

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