Dashboard Does Not Always Update Correctly

My browser dashboards do not always update correctly. Background colors, and text are often the first to not update, followed by actual values. Happens after a period of proper browser operation, typically takes several hours to develope.

Refreshing the browser usually clears up the text and colors, but the font sizes of the text are not correct.

Clearing the browser Cache does not help.

Restarting Node-Red always clears up the problems for a period of time, all is good.

Same issue regardless of browser type, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer (Windows), IOS

PC is Mac-Pro, six core, 3.5MHZ, 32GB RAM. Windows is Intel NUC, I7, 32GB Ram.

Node-Red is running on a Raspberry Pi - 4, 4GB, 32byte OS, 128GB USB boot drive.

My flows and dashboards are not "large" and CPU load typically only peaks to 25%.

Question - Any suggestions on what I should change to reduce or eliminate the browsers not updating correctly?


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