Changing layout dashboard

Regulary its not possible to change the size of the dasboard items in the layout editor.

Sometimes I can change the size after clearing the history in the web browser, another time it works when I use the incognito window, sometimes it works with another browser, But most of the time it is not working and after some time it works again. I have no idea what it makes it working again.
Does anyone has an idea whats going wrong?

Thanks in advantage!

Which versions of node-red and node-red-dashboard are you using?

node red ver 1.03 and dashboard ver 2.23.4

I am a little afraid of updating because the last time I lost a lot of work

There is no way that updating should cause loss of work, all you have to do is to restore the node red files from your backup to get back to where you were. You need to backup the files from your .node-red folder, not including the node_modules folder. If you have not got those backed up then you could lose all your work at any time if your hard drive or computer goes up in smoke (literally or metaphorically).

You are so far behind that it may be difficult to get someone to put time in to help as the problem may well have been fixed already.

Hello Colin,

I am not realy far behind; the version I am running is 9 month old and was always perfect running. I also make regular a backup, but the problem was that some UI nodes didn't work any more after a update and I had to replace the nodes manually.

I think my current has something to do with the webbrowser. At this moment its working fine again after clearing the browser history and starting up the computer. But unfortunately this is not working all the times.