Dashboard Domain Redirect

Dear Good People,

Hi guys, so I am curious about a thing (actually a lot). Is it possible to redirect a sub-domain to Node-Red dashboard? Let's say io(dot)abc(dot)com to cover ipadress:1880/ui so people that access the iot.abc.com will be able to access the dashboard interface but can't see the ipaddress and port.

In cPanel, I've tried sub domain redirection, but it is just simply redirect the ip:port. Also tried Zone Editor but it won't take any ip:port. Also-also tried ProxyPass from this video about "How to Run Node.js and Apache Together", but still no success. Please help :joy:

Thank you in advance. Have a great tinkering!

In nginx I usually set up a reverse proxy, with an A record on the DNS pointing to the machine that runs nginx. I've never done it in Apache, but this page of the docs is supposed to show you how to do it:

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Thank you so much, first time hearing about it. I will check & try it out and give an update whether I've done it.