Domain pointing to online hosted node-red

I am working on a project where I want to host an online node-red dashboard that is accessible through a domain on the internet.

I have an oracle cloud VM, have installed node-red, generated an SSL certificate for it using a domain name that I bought, but here is the problem:

At the moment I can access the editor by typing in and the dashboard by typing in I would like to be routed directly to the dashboard when I type in only, without the port number.

In order to generate the certificate I created an A-record in the DNS settings of my domain to route all traffic to the IP of my VM. I tried setting up forwarding so that I can forward traffic to the URL with the port number, but that changed my A-Record and thus my certificate was no longer working.

Can someone please provide me with an alternative method to access the dashboard by simply typing in also if I can in some way set it up that takes me directly to the editor, that would also be nice. I am new to web hosting in general so please forgive my ignorance.

I use proxysever in Apache and have registered a www forwarding entry at my dns provider, which acts like a sub-domain. So when I point to, is reached.
I use this for some other port than NR, though.

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