I can't access the Node Red dashboard


I am new to Node Red.
I am currently using IIS URL rewrite to rewrite "localhost:1880" to "domain. com". I am able to access the flow editor with "domain. com". However, I am unable to access the dashboard using "domain. com/ui".

I am still able to access the dashboard using "localhost:1880/ui". How can I make it so that "domain. com/ui" will display my dashboard.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks !

As you can access it using localhost:1880/ui but not domain.com/ui your issue is clearly with IIS URL rewrite - you might get lucky on the forum with a better thread title to attract potential MS IIS users but you will likely fair better on stackoverflow or a Microsoft forum.

What is your match.url value set to? it should be ^(.*)$
And ensure the action is set to Redirect to http://your-domain/{R:1}

The standard way to host Node.js applications behind IIS is to use iisnode - so much so that Microsoft have taken over that tool and it is offered as standard on Azure.

Hi, at the moment I'm using the Rewrite to rewrite my localhost:1800 to domain.com, where I can see the flow editor. However, the dashboard still cannot be seen.

I even uncommented
ui : { path: "/"} and httpAdminRoot: '/flow'
in Settings.js

I now still cannot access the dashboard using domain. com but I can access the flow editor using domain.com/flow.

Hi, I will look into this and try stackoverflow/ Microsoft forum if I can't solve it here. Thanks !

Hi, I will look into this if it still does not work. Thanks !

does domain.com/flow/ui work?

It does not work.

I get this error after I changed the settings.js to access the dashboard through domain.com/ as mentioned above.

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