Dashboard Enhancements

Flexible Dashboard Elements

For simple and fast installation of similar dashboards, it would be a nice feature to have all parameters of elements fully configurable via the input msg. I give some examples based on the gauge. I'd suggest to have all configurale features also enable configuration via msg. attributes.



This Attribute should not be searched by the node, but rather the msg attribute should be specifiable. (What if the message would contain several number items. As far as I understood, I'd be required to pre filter the msg to avoid possible flaws. With hard coded assignments in the configuration of the node e.g. {{msg.payload.myAttribute | number: 2}}. In case nothing is specified it would still be viable to search for a numbered item (to avoid backwards incompatiblity), while providing the flexiblity to handle complex msg objects.

Other Elements

Like Limits for measurement ranges or also for the different areas should also be possible to be defined via the msg e.g. {{ msg.payload.measurementRangeStart }}. Same for the unit. This would greatly enhance the flexibility and possiblities in terms of dynamic adaption of values according to different configurations.


If it would be possible to dynamically change the visiblity of dashboard elements that would also be great. That way a single dashboard could be designed and basen on a configuration files, different elements could be displayed. Is something like this possible in the dashboard (while still having optimal size for the elements, meaning no unused spaces)


The ideas mentioned above for the gauge, would of course be great to have on each element of the dashboard. To move as much config as possible from node level to msg level for maximal flexiblity.

Ui-control does that:
you could have several gauges in different groups, all hidden by default, configured with different parameters and have a msg sent to ui-control to display one or the other depending on payload values or configuration information from various sources.

The dashboard will reorganise its layout based of what is to be displayed, and you have an
additional level of control using the dashboard layout tool.

At least, that's how it works for me...

I see what you mean with message enabled parameters, this might give more flexibility, but also increase the level of complexity elsewhere in the flow imho. But everyone has different stress tolerance levels :slight_smile:

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