Dashboard Error "Connection Lost"

How is this configured? Using https for Note-RED changes ws into wss connections. Could there be a certificate issue or something blocking wss?

I am using:

Vivaldi	2.3.1440.61 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

and I'm not seeing any issues like this which makes me think that it is something environmental. e.g local to your configuration.

What extensions do you have installed? Is an ad-blocker or some other security extension causing issues? Try from an in-private browsing session or try restarting the browser without extensions loaded.

I saw it after I had imported a flow from the forum. It think it started when I deleted the visible nodes. I then fiddled about and it went away, but I wasn't certain exactly what made it stop.

I used this technique to create the self-certified HTTPS. It could be part of the problem since my PC is subject to corporate admin, and I don't have access to security settings. It did work for at least 3 weeks though, and now it still does if I use the MS Edge browser.

I did a cleanup but there was nothing obviously wrong. Restarted both Node-red and even a full Pi reboot.
Based on other comments I am beginning to see it as an issue with my work PC that somehow only materializes with Chrome and not Edge. My iPhone (also corporate) now doesn't work either, but my iPad does. I am reluctant to drop the HTTPS requirement as I do still want it available on the Web. Maybe I will look into an alternative secure socket strategy.
Thanks for your help.

I have a similar issue on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Chrome.
When I unlock the tablet, I get this "connection lost" notification coming up every second or so.
The only way to get rid of it is to reload the page manually, which is not really comfortable.

Today I tried deleting the webcache in browser setting and running the dashboard without having the same disconnection situation as before. I also didn't fix or change it, but just upgrade something like the environment below.

about my environment:

  • Node-RED-Dashboard version: 2.15.2 (Github latest version)
  • Node-RED version: 0.20.4
  • node.js version: v8.12.0
  • npm version: 6.9.0
  • Platform/OS: Raspberry Pi 3B+ / Raspbian Stretch 9.6
  • Browser: MS Edge, Google Chrome on PC and Android

Sorry for raising this topic again. This thread is closest to what I experience among all "Connection Lost" threads in this forum.

The setup:

              /--- Cellphone
RPi  --- Proxy --- PC
     \        \-- Tablet
        +-- Cellphone
        +-- PC
        +-- Tablet  

As presented in the chart above, Node-RED Dashboard can be accessed from devices inside the LAN, or from the Internet via reverse proxy.
Connecting with PC works always both ways.
Connecting with Android based cellphone (samsung) works always from LAN, and almost always via the Proxy.
Connecting with cheap Android tablet works always from LAN, and rarely via the Proxy.
When not connecting, the "Connection lost" pop up appears on the screen, and repeating endlessly.

Proposed here solution with Chrome flags doesn't work: in modern Chrome there are not such flags on all types of devices.
In parallel thread it was recommended to reduce number of charts, controls, and data in the dashboard. This makes no sense to me: the Dashboard exists for rich content to be presented.
Maybe the "Connection lost" pop up appears due to some kind of timeout?
If so, how the timeout can be prolonged, letting the page more time to load?

Thank you.

Actually, the Dashboard exists to make a really simple to enter web ui possible for non-programmers. Under the skin, it is extremely complex and bulky. In the beginning it rarely even worked with mobile browsers but Dave has done a sterling job of speeding it up.

Most probably.

From what I've seen, this is a mobile browser/network issue rather than a setting in Dashboard or Angular - though I'm not expert in that area so I may be wrong.

I didnt have this issue at all when using Raspberry pi 2 model B but not playing heavily with template node. Now with pi3 model i am constantly experiencing connection lost especially with few extra template nodes loaded. The CPU and Ram are below 50% of usage.

I have Version 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit) and neither of these flags are available.

I'm having this issue daily now, a few upgrade cycles ago it was rare.

Since this thread is two years old and so horribly out of date, I suggest you start a new thread explaining your problem.

If you are using charts on the dashboard make sure that you have not got a vast amount of data in the chart (that the browser needs to shuffle down at each sample). Divide the chart timespan in seconds by the interval between samples in seconds to see how many points there are across the chart for each line. It usually doesn't make sense to have more than a few hundred.

I will close this thread as it is out of date.