Dashboard form with repeating sections or groups or tabs?

Hi everyone.

I need to build a webform that involves duplicate/repeating sections. Per section will ask user to answer the same set of questions, but will have different answer in each section. Hopefully adding arbitrary number of sections. Then take all the answers of all section to automate with node red accordingly.

A very basic example is collecting "what's your planed activity for day ?"

in webforms it's typically called repeating section or repeating group which I couldn't find among various node red dashboard nodes.

Does this function exist with node red at all? Or I gotta use UI builder and code everything ground up rather than dashboard GUI nodes

Nothing like that exists in the dashboard. Some folk have done small repeating things within a single template widget, but if your whole app is about doing that across tabs and so on then us-builder would give you much more control.

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Yeah, that's getting into some complex dynamic object instantiation, which doesn't exists for the dashboard. dceejay is correct.

I understand the attractiveness to it... I had desired to scan the i2c bus to pickup the device types connected so that I could dynamically display 'cards' for the devices and present a UI for giving them unique names. My project was working with specific devices and sensors from one vendor (Atlas Scientific), so I knew what to expect in terms of meta data when querying (aka scanning) the i2c bus and retrieving specific data from the devices once I was armed with their i2c addresses... In the end, I I'll just prebuild everything, with each Panel defined in it's own flow... and then can dynamically enable/disable the flow based on what the i2c scan reveals as present. Have some research to do...

Thanks for the info. With low-code / no code tools there's also some limitation somewhere. Glad to confirm it's a wall rather than going in head first. I'm just going to go the route pre-duplicated few sections and add enable/disable switch

It isn't as hard as you think. uibuilder requires very little boilerplate, especially if making use of Vue and a frame work such as Vutify or bootstrap-vue.

Thanks, I'll look into those

No problem. uibuilder comes with a couple of very simple examples of using Vue with bootstrap-vue. Just note that you should use the uibuilder library manager tab to install vue@2 (to get VusJS v2 not v3) along with bootstrap-vue which still only works with Vue v2.

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