Dashboard gauge does not move until all data is non-zero

I print out the many Raw data in dashboard, it is updated very fast.
However, when one of the data is zero, all gauges do not update until none of them are non-zero.
Has one zero, all gauges do not update
All gauges moves when all data are non-zero

The question does not make much sense. Do you mean you have multiple gauges and are sending different data to each one, but the value you send to one gauge affects the others?
You showed a list of numbers, but you must only send a single number to each gauge. Put a debug node showing what is going to one that is not performing correctly and see what you are sending it. I suspect your problem is how you are splitting the data to send it to the gauges, not a problem with the gauges at all.

Yes thx. You are correct. Thx
There is no output from my function block to the dashboard if there is a zero value...
But why my data can not be 0,0, ... problem with parseFloat?... Still debugging...
Got it. I did the the if (AND all data), that's why zero makes it zero. Silly me. Thx

You can use node.warn in your function to follow what is happening. For example you might put

node.warn("msg.parts.index is " + msg.parts.index)

before the switch and it will show the value in the debug window.