Dashboard turns "old" values to zero

I am just getting started with Dashboard, so the problem is most likely caused by a user error.

For internet speedtest results I have created a set of gauges to display down- and upload speeds and ping time.
This displays great, except that after a while the value drops to zero!
The speedtest measurements are taken every six hours, so measurements can be max six hours old..

When I refresh the values by doing an "extra" speedtest run, the gauges pop back to life again.

What am I doing wrong?

Hard to say without any code or flows shown here.

Problem has "disappeared". I went to Node-Red in order to get the flow for this post, and noticed that the gauges look normal again, even though the measurements are quite old.
So the good news is that it is now back to normal.
Bad news: a problem that goes away by itself, may at any moment come back by itself... I'll keep an eye on it.

Communication between node-red server-side and dashboard has built in event system to resend last messages to dashboard widgets. This is needed because most commonly dashboard widgets don't have any internal memory option. They are built to initialize to default state and they rely entirely on input to show values. You can close the dashboard page and open it and the widgets gets it's last value back.

All of this works well, until the server-side has that last message to resend. The message can be lost/forgotten in many cases. But to to tell why exactly, it takes to know very precisely all the details about the flow setup and what were the user actions.

There is workaround to make sure that you have always up to date dashboard. It may require some extra data management, but not very complicated to do...(ui_control node)

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