Dashboard group width layout

Hi i have groups with width 6 and groups with width 3.
Any Idea how to get them the same width?
i mean 2x3 = 6. and not 2x3 = 6,2...
i hope you know what i mean.

i already tried box-sizing: border-box; etc. but i cannot find a sollution.

Thank you

If you have Group Padding anything but 0 you should set it to 0. Then it will be aligned correctly.
It will be impossible if you really need it to be something else for some reason.


I forget i already did that. an then i set the passing via css including box-sizing etc..
if i set padding to 0 it works but looks ugly. i also tried to set a margin in the *_cards div. but that also did not work.

this is my actual try:
Thank you.

btw: thanks for your nice nodes... :wink:

That needs probably a little more explanations. Show how it looks. (try to remove your additional related css settings to make it behave as it is provided by default)

this is what it look like. but i want some padding in the groups.
Any Ideas?

Do you use Angular theme in ui_template as your base theme?


i use angular everywhere.

It will be kind of too complicated to achieve your goal with angular theme. (pre-calculated sizes for non-reachable elements you may need to manipulate)
By looking the content you have created, I kind of can't see why you are using angular theme. Yes there is some things which you can get more easily but it forces you into that layout problem.
But as you are already familiar with adding some extra css for dashboard, I suggest to go with node-red theme and adjust that to look as you'll need.

Thanks for your answer. i give this a short try. but i have the same problem if i add some padding (css or via dashboard/size).

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