Dashboard - Identifying disabled groups

Is there a way to easily identify dashboard groups, in the console, that are disabled?

...something like this?


Click "configuration nodes"

You will see it disabled:

Thanks for pointing that out. There should be code to show <div class="red-ui-palette-node-config red-ui-palette-node red-ui-palette-node-config-disabled selected"> within the editor dashboard ui selector to show the exact same as the configuration nodes.

Other than, ui_base, I don't think anything related to the dashboard, should be shown on the configuration nodes tab. It looks to me, that ui_group and ui_tab are ordered based on object id within the configuration nodes tab. In no logical order, as they appear.

The dashboard tab orders it properly based some other property.

Between the configuration nodes and dashboard tab, there is duplication.

...node-red +1,000,000