Dashboard nodes + svg images

Some 5 years ago, I contributed to a project to develop a windrose, to use in a emoncms dashboard. Seems more like 10 years ago!
The basic idea was to superimpose png images, a background, and also a png pointer image that rotated around the background.

It looks very basic & old now!!


but... reading about @BartButenaers node-red-contrib-ui-svg node, I wondered if that principle could be used to develop some great graphic dashboard nodes.

Just sowing a few seeds for consideration...

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That should be doable in SVG certainly and probably not that hard.

Of course, Bart's SVG for Dashboard isn't the only game in town as I also shared something similar for uibuilder as well :smiley:

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I suppose that we are already using 'static' scalable vector graphics in nodes with font-awsome, etc, and some of the other node graphic elements.

When the emoncms windrose widget was published, it spawned a number of variations, as users tweaked the images to match their own dashboards, so it could open up some interesting opportunities.

The nice thing is that, once created as an SVG object, it can be used anywhere that supports SVG and can be made dynamic by anything that can script SVG and since SVG is just another structured text markup language, that is pretty much everything.

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