Dashboard notification on multiple tabs


My flow is going to receive alarm signals from an opto 22 which i'm simulating with and inject node. I show the alarms status in the dashboard and change the color on the buttons depending if the alarms have been recognized by the user or not. The flow shows a notification with the name of each alarm and after is clicked the alarm color changes from red to yellow.

With one screen it works fine, the issue is when I add my second screen for alarm monitoring. When I send the signal to trigger one alarm the popup notification appears on both of my dashboard tables at the same time. I just want the notification to popup on the tab that is on it's flow, the thing is that the notification node does not have an option to assign a group/table like the ui_template node has.

I fixed myself and wanted to share the answer with you all. Basically I used the tag and the ng-click property available for dashboard template nodes. This gives you the ability to perform exactly the same task the notification node does on the ok/cancel form, which is to send the message just when the button is clicked. You can do that by adding on setting the button as <md-button ng-click="send(msg)". After that you do some html and css in order to make that button appear in a dialog box, and to appear and disapear as needed. And in this way you avoid the issue I reported of having this notification appear on each tab you have created on you dashboard. As not all of then might be related to the notification you are showing.

Could you post flow example for that its hard for me to understand
thank you.