Dashboard reload issue with logo's

Hy! I am facing an issue with my node-red flow that is displaying logos.

The code should display 4 logos like that

However when i make change to the node-red flow and deploy the changes the logos are displayed like that. It show logos is small font and duplicate them.

If i reload the dashboard then the logos are displayed fine again.

How can i fix this issue without reloading node-red dashboard

Here is the flow

flows (9).json (4.2 KB)

I haven't loaded your flow, but I assume you have a template which adds the icons. It looks like you are adding them each time the template gets run.

I would suggest making sure that each icon has a unique id then in your script check to see if it exists before adding it e.g.

const myIcon = document.getElementById("my-icon");
if(!myIcon) {
  add the icon with the id "my-icon" here ....