Dashboard: start and show an application on dashboard

I am triing to implement a phython program which is simply started via the terminal, into the nodered-dashboard.

Is there a possibility to start the application from the dashboard as well as embed the application window within the dashboard and/or other browser window?

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You can use exec node to run commands on your host. You can create button on nodered dashboard which will trigger exec node.


yes, but the started application window doesn_t show up in the dashboard-ui then.

is there a way to catch it?


Generally you can't run an application within the browser. Remember the browser might not even be on the same PC as node-red, or even on the same continent.

What sort of app is it?

You can show it on the desktop. On the dashboard you can present data that is prepared & delivered by the python program. To make that happen you will need to implement that feature in the python program and then catch the data in NR -> Dashboard

To show the application window on the desktop, you can try the following command in the exec node:

export DISPLAY=:0 && lxterminal -e python /path to file/mypython.py

assuming you are running it in a RPi

Which will go to the desktop of the machine running node red of course, which may not be the one running the browser.

@ collin: you are right:

acutally I want to display the
foxtrotgps - programm

within the dashboard browser.

it is easily started by

terminal - cmd: foxtrotgps that means with a exec node of course exactly the same.

then the foctrotgps window opens on the desktop on the machine.

The machnine where nodered runs and where foxtrotgps runs is the same of course.

Is it possible that there is no node or other feature to "caputure" the foxtrotwindow and display it in the browser, to be able to use the application from remote??

that would be weird and somewhat disappointing..

please help.

It isn't a matter or whether there is a node to do it, it is whether it is possible to display the app in a browser. As far as I am aware it is not possible. That is what applications like VNC and Teamviewer do.

If the app were a web app designed to be run in a browser then you could run it in an iframe inside the dashboard, or maybe even include it directly in a template node, but if it is not a web app then you can't, as far as I know.

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