Dashboard templates random " connection lost"

I have created some boards to show information in real time and sometimes the message "connection lost" appears and the boards restart.

I am using the template node with the "scope watch" option to enter information and I have tried 2 versions of node-red-dashboard and node-red.
despite being a local connection "connection lost" still appears, sometimes every 4 seconds ..sometimes every minute..

The data I insert is 10 rows and 10 columns every 30 seconds only

what is the reason for this connection lost?
Too much information?

Start node-red in a terminal and watch the log there. Possibly node-red is restarting for some reason.

the only thing appears is :
2020-06-18 08:42:23.241: Thu, 18 Jun 2020 08:42:23 GMT tedious deprecated The default value for config.options.enableArithAbort will change from false to true in the next major version of tedious. Set the value to true or false explicitly to silence this message. at node_modules\mssql\lib\tedious\connection-pool.js:61:23

but i think is not this

I expose a little more information:

I use windows and nssm(to set node-red as a service), node-red 1.0.6 and node-red-dashboard 2.21.0

the console seems to be free of errors except "tedius" of the mssql node, which on github say it is nothing important

I don't know in that case. Hopefully someone else can help.

from what I'm seeing, it is rarely seen locally (I had a failure to explain myself there),

This instance is connected by ethernet cable to a machine and by vpn to another pc.

I am suspecting that it is related to the sending of data through vpn because locally it almost does not occur and by ethernet cable either. over VPN he goes crazy

Does it work at all over the VPN?
If yes, then it means that you have got a connection but sometimes there are timeouts in the connection, so it is related to your VPN connection rather than being a node-red issue. The dashboard uses a websocket connection so it may be that the VPN has problems with websockets if it appears to work normally for other applications.

I thought that before, only that even if it is not repeated locally as much as by vpn, it continues to happen and every time it happens, we have to wait for the data to be reloaded

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