Frequent "Lost Connection" on wired LAN


I am running Node-Red on a raspberryPi. The Pi is connected to local LAN via wired ethernet. Other computers on the same LAN (also wired via ethernet) access the Pi's NR dashboard UI via LAN. Quite often, when viewing the dashboard UI, users experience the screen going black, and the red "Lost Connection" displayed in upper right hand. Eventually, the connection is reestablished and the dashboard reloads. Any ideas why this would be occurring on a wired LAN? Any insight, or troubleshooting ideas appreciated.



We will need to know quite a bit more info in order to help. Version numbers for Node-RED, Dashboard, Node.JS and NPM are a good place to start.

We also need to know how complex your Dashboard is and how many updates it is receiving and how often.

We also need to understand how many users/devices/windows/tabs are connected to the Dashboard.

Next, you need to look a the Node-RED log output for any clues followed by the browser console (in the developer tools - F12) from a browser having the issue. Are there any errors or warnings you aren't expecting.

A common problem is to have one or more charts on your Dashboard with too many data points on it.



Fair enough. I am running the following:
NodeRed v0.19.4
Dashboard v2.9.8
node.js v8.12.0
npm v6.4.1

I have (up to) three LAN connected users at any given time.
Not sure how to quantify how complex my Dashboard is, but I have four "pages", reading analog data (via 12bit AD) from five 4-20 sensors, and one 0-3.3v sensors, once a second.

I saw a few comments about charts, and I did somewhat recently just add four fairly dense history charts storing more than needed data points. So... for testing, I just removed all four charts to see if that changes anything.



I believe the little Pi gets overloaded and the DB indicates it lost the connection. Since it seems to re-establish the connections correctly, I would suspect a time-out issue. Now I'm speculating, maybe is a DB setting somewhere that could be adjusted, eventually (hard)coded in the DB nodes



Removing the historical graphs does seem to have made a positive difference. Continuing to keep an eye on it.

Meanwhile, while monitoring the browser console, I do get the following error quite frequently:
"IPDATA - Error loading page:"

Not sure if that is related at all. I only have the dashboard and UI open (in two tabs).
Did a quick google search and this seems to have something to with an IP geocode lookup.
Any ideas what this is all about?



some code you have installed must be doing that lookup as it's not part of the Node-RED code.
do you have anything else on the page ? any browser plugins installed ? (eg showip on firefox seems to get a lot of hits on google for "what is ip2info" )