Dashboard Title Color change

I have a custom theme for my dashboard and I want to change the color of the main title of the dashboard.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thank you!

Hi @dpatel2016, i think that you can change the color with the Dashboard Tab:

Now you should go to dashboard tab:

And change the title bar background color, for example:
Captura de pantalla 2021-08-23 a la(s) 6.36.00 p. m.
and finally, you could see in your dashboard page:

I hope its helps you!!

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I was able to do that, but it does not have an option for the text color. I have added a title to the dashboard, but the text color is white and I want to change it to blue.

If you have created something custom - there is no way to advise anything cos nobody can't really know how you implemented your solution. You'll need to share related parts of your solution ..

When I say custom, I mean I chose the custom theme option exactly as @MecatronicaMADE showed in his images.

True, there is no option to adjust title bar texts from configuration page.

You can still override dashboard CSS. Do search here in forum how to do it, if you don't know yet.

The rule you'll need to change is here

body.nr-dashboard-theme md-toolbar .md-toolbar-tools {
    color: #0080ff;   

It works!
Thank you @hotNipi and @MecatronicaMADE for all your help.

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