Dashboard ui_template not rendering when another browser is on the same tab

My project has multiple tabs. The design is to manage at least 2 monitors that can share the main page. I have a "Alarms" screen that I am managing between the 2 browser instances fine. This is done by loading the socketid values for both displays and when the final alarm is cleared both of the browser instances return to the main page.

I ran into a problem in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge that for some unknown reason, I cannot display the simple table when both browsers are showing the same "Alarms" tab. When clearing an alarm in the list it breifly displays the list, then the entire table is blanked. When cleared it should also show the table as I have no Alarms, but rows defined only no text.

I have a similar table showing log entries on the main page and that's fine. However, the Alarms tab when both instances are addressed to that tab, neither shows the alarms list table. All other activities seem to behave correctly. I have checked both tabs node configurations, main, tab 0 ui_template and the "Alarms" tab 4 and I cannot locate what can be causing the table not to show.


I modified the settings to allow it to "Reload Last Message on Refresh". This was probably modified per debugging something else.

Thanks anyway.

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