Dashboard without network?

Hi Guys,

I got a raspberry pi 4 with a 10 inch display that in kioskmode has the dashboard from localhost:1880/ui.
The RPI runs node red and SignalK.
I access SignalK in node red through a tcp/localhost.
When I boot the rpi and it connects to wifi, the dashboard loads, I can then loose the wifi and dashboard stays running and I can still use TCP/localhost etc.
But if the RPI does not connect to wifi after reboot (because there is none) the dashboard wont load either.

Is there a way to simulate a network so I can still use my setup without a real network?

The pi should always start up the lo loopback adapter and you should be able to load everything via the address assigned to the lo device.

I thought localhost was To be sure I changed it all to, but still nothing.

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