Dashboards and the GUI side of things on multiple machines

This threw me a bit.

RasPi with touch screen. Being used for network diagnostics.
It has a flashing display of things happening.

I want to modify it so I use my NUC to load the GUI page and edit the Dashboard side of things.

ITMT, it is running along and doing it's thing, slightly out of eye line.
To see how the new dashboard looks, I open another tab on THIS machine.
It looks good. All the blinky things are blinking.
Then it hit me.
I noticed the RasPi's screen. It wasn't doing anything.
No blinking things.

Is that right?

My take:
The Dashboard is a GUI and is viewable on any machine that addresses that IP address.
So if I am looking at it and make things happen, shouldn't they be reflected on the local display?
Ok, there is the refresh issue.
So..... ( :wink: ) I click the button on the RasPi's screen and make things start blinking there.
Subsequently, the screen on THIS machine stops blinking.

As usual: Where's the elephant?

How are you making it blink?

I have a pulse that happens every 5 seconds.

That is sent to a trigger node that sends a 0 and 1.
That goes into a LED node and it is set that 0 is green and 1 is red. (Or the other way around. Doesn't matter)

The LED blinks every 5 seconds. 1 second on. 4 off.


If you make one of your leds, or a new one, driven by inject nodes to change the colour do you see the same symptom then?

Well, that is a bit tricky. Two screens/tabs on the one computer. (Edit and dashboard)

But, putting two inject nodes onto the LED and injecting them alternativly looking at the RasPi screen they don't change.

But that is what I sort of said originally.

I need to have activated that screen before it reflects the changes.

Ok, sorry.

I stand corrected. (The scrren blanker kicked in also)

Weirdly no.

Now it does reflect the injections.
But ONLY if I manually inject the messages.


If I start the flow from the EDIT screen and get the clock running from there, BOTH screens blink.

But if I start it from the GUI..... Oly one of them blinks. (Guess which one)

It is difficult to know what is going on from your description. If you can create a small flow that exhibits the problem then I am sure someone will be able to sort it.

Yes, I get that it may be difficult to understand.

In light of new information this is a second attempt to describe the original problem.

(oh, gee this forum is just SO MUCH better than another one I am up to my eyes in for formatting)

A remote machine (RasPi) is running NR and has one of those touch screens that connect to the pi via ribbon cable - all in a nice box/case.

A flow is set to be used from the DASHBOARD to help me find network problems.
Every 5 seconds a pulse is sent to do things.
That signal is also sent to a trigger node that sends a 1 second pulse of (text) 1 then a (text) 0 into a LED node.
So it blinks green for 1 second and is red for 4 seconds.
There are buttons on the DASHBOARD to START and STOP this.
I am connected to the RasPi over a network.
If I press the START button on either machine: it's display comes to life and the LED starts to blink.


If I go into the flow and click the inject node that starts the flow from the EDIT SCREEN's point of view:

This to me is not critical, but for people who have a dashboard that could be accessed by multiple people: this could be very dangerous.
Someone is watching a dashboard and it is working. Someone else logs in and looks a that dashboard on ANOTHER machine - else where - and the first person sees their screen die.

NOT good.

No amount of description is going to do it, at least for me. A small exported flow is what is needed.

Here's another TWIST to the problem.

Stupid me, for not thinking about it before asking.

It is the LED node that is the problem.


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Well, could someone check this and prove me right or wrong?


Two machines needed.
Both looking at one of the machine's Dashboard.
From the dashboard, press the START button.
The BULLSEYE will blink on that machine and the remote machine.
The LED will only blink on that machine.

Go to the EDIT screen and try there: LED will blink on both.

Do you also see it with two browsers on one machine?

Also are you using latest dashboard and led nodes?

Didn't think of that. Shall try to remember to test that next time I have that machine on.

Sorry, I am over my head with setting up a new network and it is not fun.

I fear not.

It is an OLD RasPi - well 2B - but NR is OLD.
I haven't used that machine for a long time.
(see other post)

Next time I have the machine on, I'll check.
I also think it is running STERTCH, so I am not sure I can update NR or not.

No one is going to invest significant time trying to help unless it shows itself on the latest node red and dashboard nodes. There is no point trying to track down an issue that might have been fixed years ago.

Yeah, fair enough.

I just wanted to check with how the dashboard works with multiple machines accessing the same one.

I guess the title is not exactly what I am asking, but it defines the scenario.

While trying to debug a new network I am building I bashed (threw) this together and was thrown when testing the dashboard.

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