Data from local weatherstation

This is a part of local weather data,. I like to put this data in Node-red
|object |value|
|Date |18-8-2021|
|Time |15:50|
|T-buiten |19.0|
|T-Hi |19.0|
|T-Low |18.8|
|H-Out |100|
|Dew pt |19.0|
|Wind speed |0.4|
|Wind dir |NW|

How do you read such a table?
Internet give examples e.g. Examples for node-red-node-ui-table - #6 by dynamicdave)
I cannot follow those inet methode.

How and where are you getting that data?
Is that the exact format of the data?

Knowing how and where you are getting the data may provide better information about how to access it. If is probably in a format that will be esay to use in NR but not knowing the exact way you are ggetting it makes it hard to help you.

that is data from the database in excel format.

Are you saying that the weathersttion pushes data directly to a database in Excel format??

What is the device or service or program that is producing that string and how are you getting it?

I'm just trying to figure if you can feed it directly into Node-RED without transforming it into excel. If you can, and it has a defined format, it should be very easy to handle.

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