How to handle data from dwd weather node

Hi, I'm new here and it's my first experience with Node-Red.

What I'd like to do is to show the current temperature or windspeed data of the DWD weather node ( at the red node dashboard. The weather node is already configured if i select the debug button I can see an object which shows the temperature, windspeed etc. of the configured weather station. But how can I further process these data?

Please go through the documentation

It looks like you have a very simple JavaScript object coming out of the weather node.
To extract a particular value you should be able to use the "dot" notation (in a function node) as the example below.

For example, to get the temperature - which is named 'tempc' put this code in a function node.

msg.payload = msg.payload.tempc;
return msg;

Then you can process the resulting value in whatever way you want.

Hope that works for you.

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