Fixed: Get data from Netatmo Weather Station

Hi Forum,

I'm new to this forum and I want ask a first question.

I try to get data from Netatmo Weather Station using Node-Red.
Before Netatmo changed from "user/password" authentication to "oauth2" everything went well for a long time. After changing RasPi Hardware I changed the Node-Red flow using the "NetAtmo Dashboard" node.
Authentication with client ID, client secret and refresh token seams to work in the flow - no error appears.

But the flow shows no data - the debug shows errors for example:

msg.payload.temperature : undefined

I read somewhere that the payload syntax is changed.
How is the right format to visualise the gathered data?

Thanks for support,

Just put a debug node behind the NetAtmo Dashboard node and you will get something like:

And if you click on the leftmost icon next to the desired data you can just copy the path to your clipboard:


Hi Stefan,

thx. for answering! I'm not experienced in developing flows - so can you please give a bit more advice how to implement what you suggest?

Thx :slight_smile:

Put these 3 nodes together: (it doesn't have to be debug 40 in your case!!)

Then click on the debug panel:


And press inject. Then you will see the date like mine above.

Hi Stefan, it works and I see data - I try next steps and come back if I have additional questions.

What do you mean with
"And if you click on the leftmost icon next to the desired data you can just copy the path to your clipboard:" ?

Just look at the screenshot above at "Pfad kopieren".
Next to temperature (and all other data) you see these 3 icons if your cursor is on this line.

Du solltest evtl. mal hier einige Zeit verbringen: :smile: Documentation : Node-RED

Das mache ich gerne - auf jeden Fall hast du mich schon mal aufs richtige Gleis gesetzt:

"msg1.payload = payload.compact.temperature;"

Das ist wohl der Pfad - ich versuche das nun mal einzubauen.
Bin aber ab 18h offline - eventuell schreibe ich morgen noch mal dazu - erst einmal vielen Dank :slight_smile:

Hi Forum,
hi Stefan,

first of all - issue is fixed. Thanks to Stefan, adding a Debug Node and getting the path for the values did solve my problem. Also thx. Stefan for the PN - I'll look into that!
Now I try try to improve my current dashboard which is now back working. Maybe I'll find a way to interpret "pressure_trend" from text to graphic or arrow... let's see :slight_smile:

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