Newbie / Netatmo weather station data questions

My first post, of course I know nothing in Node-red.
I am using as Node: contib-netatmo v0.3.0, netatmon-dashboard v1.0.0 and oauth2 v5.2.7.
When including the oauth2 node, I have an Error 502.
The plan is to manage the light of my house depending on the weather condition, if cloudy, light on if sunny light off :slight_smile:
As I already say, I don't know anything about this tool. The first thing I am trying to do is to grab data from my Netatmo weather station ...
What payload do I need to "use" to inject ?
I have done two different tests:

  1. timestamp -> Netatmo Daskboard -> debug
  2. timestamp -> get stations data -> debug

For the first one, it seems to connect where it should be.
For the second one, with the same credentials, I have authentification error.
For both see attached files.

Both nodes have issues regarding OAuth2 (see the github issue list), I gave up on it and installed node-red-contrib-oauth2

This is more complicated but have not had any issues with it since.
See this post that explains the steps.

I have followed your post.
I have done the same, I am using in my example the node-red-conjtrib-oauth2.
I have filled the credentials (clientID, client Secret, etc.).
Bit I do have a pb with the "key". When I press it, I am forwarded to my Homeassistant web page with: Not Found. and an HTTP 400 error.

[type or paste code here](

I am changing secret after posting :slight_smile:

Because you are running node-red under home assistant ? Home assistant creates more problems than it solves. Most here don't use home assistant, perhaps their forums have a solution ?

Ha ok ...
I can switch to my Node-red VM :slight_smile:

This time, I have an error message ...

I have linked to a flow/post above that works.