Data from one function to another function

Hi community,
I have this diagram which shows below.

I want this data, which is drawn in red color from the Antena_1 function node output, to be sent to the input of the antena1_sat function node.

How I can do it?

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Lets assume the array index NEVER changes:

in Antena_1

msg.payload = msg.payload[7]
return msg

Then connect Antena_1 to Antena1_sat

The msg.payload in Antena1_sat will then inndeed be that date

All you are doing is passing an object along - so manipulate that object, as it travels...

I do suggest using the change node for this (between Antena_1 & Antena1_sat) - but still, it should hopefully make sense

Note: I removed this from Dashboard - as it doesn't seem related

My function antena1_sat has code like this

var tema = msg.topic;
var zinute = msg.payload;
var eilute = msg.payload;
var rezultatai = eilute.match(/\$GPGSA,([A]),(\d+),([0-9,.-]+),(\d+\.\d+),(\d+\.\d+),(\d+\.\d+)\*([0-9A-F]{2})/);
if (rezultatai) {
        msg.payload = [zinute,rezultatai[3]]       
} else {
      msg.payload = "Nerasta atitikimo";
msg.topic = "INSERT INTO Antena1_sat(Message,Satelites) VALUES (?,?)";
return msg;

I want take data from function Antena_1 msg.payload[7] and put to antena1_sat msg.topic = "INSERT INTO Antena1_sat(Antena_1_msg.payload[7],Message,Satelites) VALUES (?,?,?)";
But how do that I don't image.
I can connect Antena_1 to Antena1_sat. Then, I receive two messages simultaneously, but the function runs twice: once when receiving data from the switch mode and another time when receiving data from Antena_1 msg.payload[7]

if the issue is just two identical messages there is a core node called filter you can set to block messages unless the msg changes

Look I solved problem I am using join node

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