Data to Graphite in Grafana

Hey there,
I would like to send data to Graphite, which I'm using inside Grafana.
How is that possible?


You realize that this is the Node-RED forum, right?

Some people on this forum use Grafana (myself included) but an even smaller sub-set would use Graphite...

Is there a more-focused forum you could ask this question of?



It is surprising that there does not seem to be a node for sending data to graphite from node-red, in the same way that there are influxdb nodes. Most here use Influxdb it seems.

Hi Colin, oh okay! I really hoped that there will be some kind of node for that or some sort of method I could use! Thanks,

And Paul, I want to send data from NODE-RED so...

There is a nodejs package which seems very simple so could be used from a function node.

Will definitely try that, thank you!!

If you get it working please post back here what you did so others can find it.

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