Dbly-linked-list not working in Electron

I need to remove usage of the node-red-contrib-function-npm node as I am packaging an application that is running offline.
I have been using Electron successfully based on the package supplied by dceejay (thankyou) and I am now attempting to move two npm modules into the package, being moment and dbly-linked-list.

I can successfully build Electron with moment, but when I attempt to add dbly-linked-list the build of Electron crashes constantly. dbly-linked-list also has a package dependency of lodash.isequal, which I have also attempted to add manually in case it was not loading, but that has no effect.

Not sure why that should cause so much trouble - but have you tried using the electron debugging suggestions from their site ? https://www.electronjs.org/docs/tutorial/debugging-main-process

Hi Dave, sorry my question was a bit misleading. It is not the Electron Runtime that crashes, but the build script. It deletes the Build folders and then crashes with no warnings before generating any new files.
I have gone through the process again today, and this time I received an error message Failed to locate module "dbly-linked-list". I then copied dbly-linked-list from .node-red into electron-node-red\node-modules and had the same issue with lodash.isequal which I also copied. The build now completes and the two modules are located in the build\resources\app\node-modules, and all functions correctly at runtime.
However, they are no longer in electron-node-red\node-modules but it builds ok now if I redo?

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